Renault R4 – 1980

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The Renault R4 was named as project 112, born in Renault in 1956 with the intention to oppose the enormous success that Citroen 2cv had been receiving for eight years. With the desire to come up with a comfortable and widely accepted vehicle on the growing market for small and medium-sized cars, the engineers studied a car with a smooth rear floor that was also very successful as a means for many craftsmen.

The R4 successfully opposed the market invasion by the 2cv and the Dyane6. Starting in 1956, several series followed: in 1962 the Fourgonnette version was presented with a closed and raised rear cabin to increase the load capacity.

Over the years, the engines changed making the small R4 to be considered bolder. It debuted in 1956 with a 4-cylinder liquid-cooled transverse cylinder of 3 different displacements: 747cc ;. 845cc; 950cc, in the last series of 1986, a version equipped with a 1108cc engine came out (which went on to become much coveted by collectors, the Cabriolet Frog version ).

It only left Renault catalogues in 1993 due to the increasingly strict anti-pollution regulations that obliged the manufacturers to install catalytic converters and electronic injection systems. Production continued in Slovenia and Morocco, bringing the number of R4 and its derivatives to 8,135,424 units produced.
As evidence of the excellent structure of the vehicle, still today we can see the Renault R4 in circulation.

  • Year of production: 1980
  • Gear Box: manual
  • Engine: 850  c.c.
  • HP: 34 hp
  • RPM : 
  • Seats: n°4
  • Price starting from € 150.00

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