Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider - 1959

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The production of the Giulietta Spider, which represented a worldwide success, was thank to U.S. importer Max Hoffman, who was confident of the excellent reception that the American market will reserved for Italian sports cars, and, in 1955 asked to Alfa Romeo to make an completely open car, asking for 600 models.

In 1955 Alfa Romeo made a real competition for the construction of the future Giulietta Spider.

The winner was Pininfarina, that was inspired by the Lancia Aurelia B24 Spider, he designed it with smaller sizes.

Pininfarina made a very classy and elegant car, thinking that model will become the symbol for the young and rich men of the ’60. In fact, the price for the small Alfa wasn’t that cheap. In 1957 the average salary of an employee was around 55,000 lire a month and the Giulietta Spider, well it cost 2 million and 398 thousand lire.

The car's performance for the average time were great: a rear-wheel drive was able to exceed 160 km per hour and had a propeller from 1290 cc and 65 horses.

This car was also equipped with a fast spider version, able to exceed 180 km per hour and develop 80cv power.



  • Year of production: 1959
  • Gear Box: manual
  • Engine: 1290 c.c.
  • HP: 65 cv
  • RPM : 6300
  • Seats: n°2

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