VW T2 Bus Window - 1968

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Even the name "T2" ( Type 2) shows that in Volkswagen they didn't waste time romanticising by giving the cars attractive names as is common now, but with the simple use of an acronym.

The car originates from an external idea, and not from the usual design center in Wolfsburg. It is said that a Volkswagen importer in the Netherlands during a visit to the assembly lines of the Beetle in Germany noticed a cart built by the workers using the elements at their disposal to more easily move the heavier parts inside factories, it was a flat bed very extended that rested on a frame of an elongated beetle with engine and front end of a Type 1. He subsequently showed some drafts to the Volkswagen executives who received the project with interest and after just one year the first prototypes came to life and on 12 November 1949 the Volkswagen Type 1 went into production. All the updates of the Beetle's engines followed, starting with a displacement of 1200cc to reach in the last editions 1795 cc with a considerable 68 hp.
Stylistically, it passed from the front glass in 2 sections to a large single windscreen, becoming the T2 bay model , in 1969 the lights and bumpers were enlarged to meet the strict safety regulations of the American market.
Many were the construction variants over the years: from the most renowned and coveted by the purists Volkswagen T1 24 windows; to the panel van that was born as a work platform with an open floor, ideal for loading goods; T2 Bay transporter for goods, and T2 Bay Window for the transport of 8-9 people.
In 1979, It gave way to the new T25 best known in Italy as T3, but its production was moved to South America (Mexico and Brazil) where it continued until 2002 in Mexico and in 2013 in Argentina due to the restrictions of the transport ministry.

Still used today in Bolivia, they run on ethanol that is easier to find and much cheaper than modern fuels.
It is difficult to quantify the precise number of specimens produced in the various series.

  • Year of production: 1968
  • Gear Box: manual
  • Engine:  1584  c.c.
  • HP: 50 hp
  • RPM : 
  • Seats: n°9
  • Price starting from € 250.00

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