Citroen 2CV Dolly - 1985

Self drive hire of Citroen 2CV Dolly - North Verona

Our Citroen 2CV Dolly has been preserved and edited by the previous owner, presents its original Venice plate and is one of 2000 units launched as a limited edition called Dolly in 1984.
Two-tone livery Blanc meije / Gris Cormoran much more bare and essential than the more refined Charleston edition aroused great interest.
Robust and basic, the very safe mechanics make it a really pleasant car and easy to drive. Cuddled and cut to size, it is always ready to use.

Born in 1948 from the pencil of one of the greatest Italian designers Flaminio Bertoni. Already father of two great icons such as the Traction Avant and the DS that revolutionized the concept of the car turning it into a symbol of style and progress, always for the French company Citroen. Conceived to motorize the French people of the post-war period debilitated by the German invasion, it became famous and fashionable also thanks to many film appearances such as in "007", "The revenge of the pink panther" and "American graffiti". Technically it was designed as a car within everyone's reach, easy to handle maintenance, easy to drive even for beginners and that could deal with rough routes with passengers and goods. powered by a reliable and well-tested 602 cc twin-cylinder boxer engine air-cooled c capable of delivering a power of 29 hp. It differs from the previous series in its two-tone livery, more detailed interiors such as door panels, more generous instrumentation, separate front seats and other small devices.

Given the great demand, it remained in production until 1990, bringing the number of 2 hp built to 5,114,969 units. It remains the most long-lived car ever produced.

  • Year of production: 1985
  • Gear Box: manual
  • Engine: 602 c.c.
  • HP:  29 cv
  • RPM : 
  • Seats: n°4
  • Prices starting fom € 150.00

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