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The Mini Moke is a small, front-wheel-drive utility and recreational convertible, conceived and manufactured as a lightweight military vehicle by British Motor Corporation (BMC), and subsequently marketed for civilian use under the Austin, Morris, Leyland, and Moke brands. The name "Mini Moke" combines Mini with Moke, an archaic term for "mule".[7][8][9] [10] The Moke is known for its simple, straightforward, doorless design, and for its adaptability.

The first Mokes were manufactured at BMC's Longbridge, Birmingham plant, with 14,518 produced in the UK between 1964 and 1968. 26,000 were manufactured in Australia between 1966 and 1981, and 10,000 in Portugal between 1980 and 1993 when, after a nearly 30-year run, production ended.[11]

In 2013, in a joint venture with Jaguar Land Rover, Chinese automaker Chery Automobile started production of a new car called Moke in China.[12] The new MOKE is assembled and distributed by a number of companies in several countries including England, France, and the United States.

  • Year of production: 19
  • Gear Box: manual
  • Engine: 
  • HP: 
  • RPM : 
  • Seats: n°2

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