RoutesSpecial paths with the wind in your hair


Time Requested:2 or 3 days

The itinerary starts from Bergamo, direction "Sotto il Monte Giovanni XXIII", native land of Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, where we can visit many historic churches like the Church of St. John the Baptist, Mary Queen of Peace Chapel and Sant'Egidio Abbey to "Fontanella" village. After this spiritual and cultural break, we reach to Crespi d'Adda, antique village and UNESCO heritage.

The landscape of Crespi d'Adda is truly unique: the village is in a cradle, a lowland triangular shape that is bordered by two confluent rivers; the two rivers are the Adda and Brembo, and together they are forming a peninsula called "Isola Bergamasca", where is precisely the village. Here we can visit the old working factory, the villa-castle, the workers' homes, and the specially created places for the working class. 

We get back on our vintage spider and in a few minutes we reach Trezzo d'Adda, renowned city mentioned in many texts of Italian literature (Alessandro Manzoni writer) and stop on our first day. We should visit the Visconti Castle, the Central Hydroelectric Alessandro Taccani and the near small village named Concesa with his Sanctuary of the Divine Motherhood. 

We should spend our night to Trezzo, having the possibility to visit, the next day, the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci in Milan (it will take a day). 

The day after we get back on our classic car and continue driving towards Porto d'Adda to get to Bridge of San Michele in Paderno D'Adda, built entirely with used bolts. From the Adda Park we can continue to admire the river Adda. The tour takes in the direction Imbersago where we stop to observe the ferry, a masterpiece of industrial architecture. It is an old ferry used to move between the two banks, it works just with the flow of water. Famous because Leonardo da Vinvi paint it into one of his drawings.

We continue the tour aboard our spider on direction of Villa D'Adda and arrive at the castle of Brivio. We can also make a short visit in the neighborhoods south of Lecco, where we can visit the Manzoni Museum and its village described in the famous book "The Betrothed” (Manzoni novel). The tour is almost over and we drove back to Bergamo, from Brivio and Villa d'Adda, and then finally leave the river Adda and its history, crossing under Mount John XXIII. 





Available classic cars for this tour:

Slow Drive office  
- Bergamo (BG)

- Holiday Inn Express Parma

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