RoutesSpecial paths with the wind in your hair

SV borghi

Time requested: 1 day

An itinerary that runs along the coast and the first hill with breathtaking views and medieval villages.

Starting from Savona on Via Aurelia in the direction of the west until you reach the village of Varigotti along the spectacular route of Malpasso.

Visited Varigotti with its splendid views, continue towards Finalborgo, in the medieval capital of the Marchesato del Carretto and today cited as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

At Finalborgo do not miss the "Porta Testa".

Back on the vintage spider, start with the wind in the hair for the first hinterland towards the small village of Gorra, from which we will reach the village of Verezzi.

It leaves Verezzi in the direction of the sea through a series of fascinating sea front bends.

When you reach Via Aurelia, drive east until you reach Finalpia and take the road leading to the Le Manie plateau.

After a relaxing break in the green, the road leads us through the "Passu du Ventu" -Voze to the ancient Noli Marinara Republic.

Visit the castle, the Romanesque church of S. Paragorio and the medieval old town surrounded by the walls.

After a relaxing walk in the historic center of Noli, drive to Savona, following SS1 Aurelia, which will give us the latest exciting sea bends.

The adventure ends on the way back to the Slow Drive Office to Savona.





Available cars for this tour:

Slow Drive office  
- Savona (SV)


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