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Time requested: 1 or 2 days

"That of the Langa Astigiana Val Bormida is a journey in silence, among vineyards clinging to the high and steep hillsides, white peaks over the river, castles and towers where time seems to have stopped. And on moon nights when it blows Marin 'wind that takes the far echo of the sea, you can not believe the legend of the' masks' that pass the 'book of command' .... "(Oldrado Poggio - La Stampa)

An itinerary of one or more days stretching from the sea to the wonderful hills of Langa Astigiana, a journey rich in breathtaking views, scents and flavors, for lovers of guide and food and wine.
Our route starts from the Savona on the SS1 Aurelia in the direction of Levante to reach the town of Albissola.From here you leave the coast to go through the SP334 towards Giovo Ligure - Pontinvrea.

After passing the Colle del Giovo in the direction of Pontinvrea, the road continues sinuous and pleasant crossing the villages of Mioglia, Pareto, Spigno Monferrato until reaching the locality of Roccaverano, a small gem in the Langhe, the southernmost ones, on the border with Liguria.

This geographical area is named Langa Astigiana and Valle Bormida.

Famous and unsurpassable for flavor, Robiola di Roccaverano D.O.P. Is the fruit derived from milk of a difficult and hard sheep, mostly developed in the wild state where herbs, flowers and their respective scents find the synthesis in this unique cheese.

Visited and "tasted" Roccaverano, our path can be immersed in the hills towards Mombaldone, Montechiaro d 'Acqui and Sassello nearing Savona, or diving even more in the Langa Astigiana, along the wine roads towards Vesime, Loazzolo, Bubbio and Monastero Bormida.

The winding streets of the vineyards and the hazelnuts will lead us to roam without a precise goal, discovering the landscapes and scents of other times, with the sign of pleasant driving, good table and relaxation.

Acqui Terme, in Alto Monferrato a few kilometers from Monastero Bormida is a spa used by ancient Romans. The spa and modern baths develop on the opposite shore of Bormida, compared to the oldest nucleus of the town.

Our path now takes us to the sea, our spider takes us in the direction of Sassello, where near the Carthusian river Erro forms a series of lakes where in summer you can dip in finding a cool.

Once in Sassello, a lively settlement on the northern side of the Apennine Ligure border between Liguria and Piedmont, a restorative break is required.

The country is known for the production of Sassello's soft cake, an almond paste cookie, a recipe dating to the nineteenth century and annually celebrated at a theme festival. The culinary tradition of the countryside contains numerous recipes based on mushrooms, salami and game, which constitute the gastronomic heritage of the country.

Left Sassello, the road through the Colle del Giovo, brings us quickly to the sea of ​​Albissola from where we reach the Slow Drive Savona headquarters.

The adventure ends on the way back to the Slow Drive Office to Savona.





Available cars for this tour:

Slow Drive office  
- Savona (SV)


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