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At the wheel of one of our vintage spiders, you can easily reach some of the most significant walled cities of the Veneto Middle Ages.

Once you have received your vintage spider car, you will be able to travel to Cittadella, a walled town born in the 13th century. The fortress of Cittadella is one of the few examples of a defensive system with a walkway that can still be crossed, perfectly preserved in time and nowadays still intact. It is therefore one of the most beautiful defensive systems in Europe.

The journey continues to Castelfranco Veneto, which, besides the walled city, is also a symbol of a great artist of the time.

Very famous is the painter Giorgione who is born in Castelfranco and develops his career right here. Entering Via S. Pio X, which flows into the left side of Piazza Giorgione, and leaving your car, you can walk along the porch, admiring the imposing fortress.

Continuing we arrive at Montebelluna, a charming town at the foot of Montello and entrance to the Prealpine Valleys. Origin of Montebelluna dates to the Paleoveneti, whose traces are now collected in the Museum of Natural History and Archeology of Villa Biagi.

When visiting Asolo, you can visit Piazza Maggiore with its Renaissance fountain, the Loggia del Capitano, which houses the Civic Museum, and the ancient Duomo, built on the Roman ruins. In it there are the works of Lorenzo Lotto and Jacopo Bassano.

The architectural context of Bassano del Grappa is a dive into art: the streets of the center are adorned by works by authors such as Palladio, Canova, Jacopo Da Ponte, Marinali and Dall'Aqua.

Another step is Marostica - with the walls framing the Pausolino hill profile and the cypresses that peep into the ruins of the Upper Castle, Marostica seems to have been more created by the bizarre outline of an artist than by the defensive needs of a military leader. It is an authentic medieval jewel, nestled between the hills that from the Asiago plateau descend to Vicenza.

The adventure ends on the way back to the Carmignano in Brenta, Slow Drive Office to Padua.





Available cars for this tour:

Slow Drive office  
- Padova - Carmignano di Brenta (PD)


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