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The first location we find starting our trip from Carmignano in Brenta office is Vicenza.

Here we can admire the palladian villas; famous and unmistakable for its peculiarities is undoubtedly Villa Almerico Capra called the Rotonda, but we also remember Villa Trissino and Villa Valmarana "Ai Nani", located at the foot of Monte Berico.

We suggest a small stop in the pretty village of Torri di Quartesolo where we can admire: The Parish Church, an ancient foundation, which preserves works of local workers; Villino Porto-Rigon, dating from the sixteenth century but rebuilt several times in the following centuries; Villa da Porto, built in the 16th century, is completely frescoed.

We head towards Abano Terme, located at the foot of the Euganean Hills, Veneto's first regional park.

The Euganean Hills Regional Park covers areas of volcanic genesis and is also known for its location as a thermal zone. Abano Terme is the main center of the Euganean Baths.

In Padua, in addition to eating well, it also drinks well; We recommend a “Spritz” aperitif, which was invented here. Padua is, first and foremost, a treasure trove of art: not by chance it is known as the "City of the Fresco" thanks to the generous presence of picturesque cycles in churches and town buildings, such as the famous Scrovegni Chapel of Giotto.

We continue our tour in vintage car until we reach Scorzè through the Castellana Regional Road. Also here are some Venetian Villas; Villa Soranzo Conestabile, Villa Dolfin - De Ferrari, Villa Orsini, Villa Barbiero and Villa Tombacco.

The journey continues to Castelfranco Veneto, which, besides the walled city, is also a symbol of a great artist of the time. It is in fact the painter Giorgione who is born in Castelfranco and develops his career right here.

Entering Via S. Pio X, which flows into the left sisw of Piazza Giorgione, and leaving your car, you can walk along the porch, admiring the imposing fortress.

Restarting the tour aboard your spider, you can travel to Cittadella, a walled town born in the 13th century. The citadel of Cittadella is one of the few examples of a defensive system with a walkway that can still be traversed, perfectly preserved in time and nowadays still intact. It is therefore one of the most beautiful defensive systems in Europe.

The adventure ends on the way back to the Carmignano in Brenta, Slow Drive Office to Padua.





Available cars for this tour:

Slow Drive office  
- Padova - Carmignano di Brenta (PD)


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