Vintage car rental without driver

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Happy Valentine's day Slow Drivers


Celebrate love aboard a spider! 

Slow Drive's "Valentine's Day Spider" is dedicated to those boyfriends and husbands allergic to sickly sweet evenings. A special couple adventure driving a vintage car. Special price for those who buy gift box before 14 February 2017.

Forbidden dinners by candlelight in the restaurant, charm the loved one with a gift box containing the intriguing invitation to a day on a shiny spider vintage. The pilot of our heart can realize his dream of driving a jewel on four wheels, gripping the steering wheel with his new leather gloves. The happy ending fortunately there is also for navigators, who can enjoy an entire day looking for breathtaking views in good company, and with a gift: a pair of sunglasses diva 60s.

Gift box with a voucher valid 12 months, to live half dayone day or the whole weekend to discover the most interesting itineraries in northern Italy abord a classic car.

Happy Valentine's Day 2017: 10% discount on rental price; valid for all the orders made until 14 february 2017.

Promotional code: "LOVESLOWDRIVE"


  • from € 90.00 for the half day
  • from € 180.00 for one day  
  • from € 261.00 for the weekend 

Buy the Gift Box on line

Where: Lake GardaLake ComoTurinBergamoParmaVeronaPadova

Deliver and pick up of the car free to all our offices 

Price include:

  • self drive rental 
  • insurance coverage (civil liability, fire and theft) 
  • mechanical assistance
  • booking voucher valid for 12 mouths  
  • gadget: leather gloves for driver and vintage sunglasses for ladies 
  • information car card
  • maps and itinerary of the area 
  • deliver and pick up of the car to our office
  • timing half day: morning (from 19:00 till 14:00), afternoon (from 14:00 till 19:00); € 20.00 penalty for each half hous delay
  • timing one or more days: from 09:00 till 19:00 (from 2 days rental car remains with the client even by night); € 20.00 penalty for each half hous delay
  • available km: 100 km for half day / 150 km each full day; extra km € 1.00 per km 

Price do not include:

  • full insurance - kasko - for all damages to the car: € 40.00 for 1 day, € 70.00 for 2 days, ecc; excess (franchise) 10% of the damage, minimum € 200.00
  • petrol consumption: car leave with fuel and must came back with the fuel; € 10.00 penalty in addition to the consumption of petrol 
  • tolls, parking and fines 
  • deliver and pick up out of office: € 1.00 per km - each way - plus 22% vat. 
  • rappresentative model car 1:43 scale; from € 25.00 extra 
  • shipping of the gift box: € 20.00 
  • accomodation by night (for the weekend option)

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